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features Product Attributes
Items have a new field called Attributes. Allow buyers to find your items specifically by UPC, ISBN or Brand/Part #. Additionally, for your items to show up on Google Products Search, Google requires either Brand, UPC, or ISBN information. For more information click here

features Feedback with PayPal & Google Checkout
Buyers and sellers can leave feedback for transactions completed using PayPal or Google Checkout. Read more here

Updated privacy policy
We've updated our privacy policy to include Google's privacy statement on advertising, read more here

features Now buyers can purchase your items directly in your item description
Include your PayPal payment button in your item description for instant payment of your goods. For details please read the HTML support page.

features Use HTML in your ad descriptions
We're always working on ways to help you sell your goods. Blujay now supports HTML in ad descriptions just like you can use on eBay. Visit the HTML support page documentation for information on how to post HTML in your listings.

features Items on blujay can now be found on Google's Froogle
Now using's Froogle service buyers can find your items for sale from the Google website. Every item you post on will be added to Froogle the following day for potential buyers to search. This means more exposure for your items. No other service will provide you with this kind of reach all for free. (NOTE: It usually takes 2-3 days for a posted item on blujay to show up on Froogle.)

features Map a Sellers Location using Mapquest on blujay
Using you can now find where in the United States a seller is located. By clicking on the "map this location" link under the location information for each item, buyers will be redirected to a map showing the general town/city location of the seller. (Note: the mapping service is for finding the general location of a seller for purchasing purposes only)

12/5/04 has launched
December 5, 2004 --, the free online fixed price marketplace which allows the small business and individual seller to reach their buyers over the internet, finally releases the service for the public to use. After years of development and months of testing, announces that the service is ready for the small business to start selling on the internet for free which would otherwise cost hard earned money on other sites.

"Small businesses already have very slim margins for what they're selling. We believe that selling online should be free, just like searching online, or emailing your family. Releasing this service is our effort to further that belief," says Henderson Hsieh, marketing spokesperson at offers features that cost big money on other sites.
In order to help the small business & individual seller to reach buyers online, the service allows them to open a webstore with a simple url "" for free. Additionally, the service provides space on the storefront where the seller can include a physical store address, phone number or even a brief description of what they sell.

Some other features the service provides include item management tools, item listings with up to 4 photos, and item listings lasting 180 days. By comparison, on other sites each of these features is considered an "upgrade" on top of listing fees or monthly storefront fees being charged. For instance, thumbnail images in search results costs $0.25 & each additional photo costs $0.15 for each item on ebay. These types of fees quickly add up to significant amounts. On, everything is free.

Sometimes auctions don't work.
Not everything for sale on other sites sells because the item doesn't find the right buyer in the 7 days of an auction or 30 days of a classified. By allowing a seller to list their item for 180 days, the service allows more exposure and therefore increases the chance that a seller will find the right buyer.

About blujay is the free photo marketplace that offers the small business & individual seller the tools, services, & features needed to reach their buyers over the internet. A seller can list items with 4 photos each and refer people to their store via a simple link "" all for Free.





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