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Here are a few quick notes on how blujay feedback works:
  • Our system is integrated with PayPal & Google Checkout so feedback can only be left after payment has been made by registered buyers only.
  • An unregistered buyer that pays with PayPal or Google Checkout cannot leave feedback, but the transaction counts as +1 to your feedback score and shows up as an "Unrated" transaction on your feedback page.
  • Both registered buyers and sellers can leave feedback for each other on a transaction.
  • Your feedback score is calculated on the number of paid transactions using PayPal & Google Checkout from both unregistered and registered buyers. If you get a negative feedback, it will not deduct from your score nor do we show a percentage reflecting any positive/negative ratio as ebay does.
  • All Google Checkout & PayPal transactions regardless of rating (positive, negative, neutral) count as +1 towards the feedback score.
  • We believe feedback will help other buyers trust a honest and hard working seller. Feedback is designed to reward sellers for their efforts.
  • Some stores may have an initial score which is a credit for all unique, past PayPal & Google checkout transactions before feedback was implemented.

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