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Zork Grand Inquisitor ( PC CD Game ) Brand New

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New, factory sealed. Ships USPS within 1 business day. Faster or International shipping, (or have any questions) please contact us at Will@TragicLittlePC.Com. 

Zork: Grand Inquisitor is designed to offer the engaging adventure and quirky humor of the classic text-based series in a graphic interface format more appropriate to a late-1990s release. The game has a look and interface style similar to 1996's Zork Nemesis. However unlike Zork Nemesis, which put a hard, violent edge on the storyline, Zork: Grand Inquisitor strives to return to the tongue-in-cheek presentation that helped win so many devoted fans of the original games.

Players are challenged to explore fantastic areas and solve thoughtful puzzles, without any incessantly dark themes or explicit gore. In this story the Grand Inquisitor has taken charge in the capital city of Port Foozle, in spite of his dubious qualifications. He has banned the use of magic and begun an invasively ubiquitous propaganda campaign. As an adventurer passing through town, the player becomes involved in a quest to unseat the unworthy villain and allow the common folk to return to their more pleasant, peaceful ways.

A sequel to the Zork series. Gameplay is similar to Zork Nemesis, but there are many technological improvements (including much better graphics). The game's storyline is also true to the roots of the series, maintaining a humorous atmosphere (as opposed to the dark-toned story of Zork Nemesis).

Magic is banned in the Great Underground Empire, and the Grand Inquisitor (with the kind help of Frobozz Electric) has a stranglehold on the world of Zork. Any opposing forces will be Totemized (a very bad thing). It is, of course, your duty to save the world, by collecting a Cube of Foundation, the Skull of Yoruk, and the Coconut of Quendor, so you can return magic to the land.

Zork: Grand Inquisitor is the first in line of the supposed second trilogy in the series. In this Zorkian adventure, you must overcome many whimsical creatures in your quest to save the underground empire from the rule of the evil Grand Inquisitor. The storyline is about a lone adventurer (you) who must find help from several friends in the world of Flatheadia (GUE) to find some of the artifacts like the Coconut of Quendor (Beyond Zork) and other treasures to restore magic and save the world from the tyrannical yet foppish Grand Inquisitor. In this game you get to meet Antharia Jack, the person who stars in the television series based on the story of the adventure from the first three games on ZTV.

Back Story

In late Augur of 966 GUE, faced with the end of magic, the second Dungeon Master played a final practical joke. He selected Dalboz of Gurth, a promising GUE Tech student, as his successor. Moments later, the Sorceress Y'Gael's shadow nearly remakes the universe in its own image with the Cubes of Foundation, but timely intervention by an Ex-Peasant (Beyond Zork) brings about the destruction of the Shadow and all of Magick. The University closes due to the non-presence of magic.

Dalboz spends the next 84 years researching methods of returning Magick to the empire. In 1050 GUE, he battles against Yannick, his former roommate and Grand Inquisitor, and leader of the Theocracy of Quendor. Dalboz looses his life and Mr. Yannick looses his hair.

In 1052 GUE, after a short stay with Sorceress Y'Gael's spirit on the Ethereal Planes of Atrii, Dalboz of Gurth's spirit comes to reside in a Rusty Brass Lantern beneath the docks in Port Foozle. (Y'Gael wanted the extra room for an office)

The soul of Dalboz, the third Dungeon Master of the Great Underground Empire, is currently trapped in a Brass Lantern underneath the Docks in Port Foozle.

It is the 34th of Frobuary of the year 1067, and you are a Frobozz Electric PermaSuck Salesperson. You must use your PermaSuck machine and all of your wits to aid Dalboz in returning Magick to the Great Underground Empire.

- Rediscover the magic or Zork
- Fascinating Characters
- Ultimate Adventure Immersion
- Link with other players via the Internet, LAN, or modem and explore Zork cooperatively.
- Mind-bending puzzles.
- Fantastic humor.
- TV and film stars in roles as inhabitants of Zork.
- 360-degree field of view.

- The People who brought the GUE back to life with their vibrant portrayals of the zorkian residents.
- The Grand Inquisitor - Eric Avari (StarGate)
- Antharia Jack - Dirk Benedict (Battlestar Gallactica /The A-Team)
- Voice: Dalboz of Gurth, The Dungeon Master - Michael McKean (Saturday Night Live)
- Voice: Belboz / Perils of Magic - Philip Clark
- Sorceress Y'Gael - Jordana Capra (Writer - Hooperman Starring John Ritter)
- Wartle, Captain of the Inquisition - Rip Taylor (Comedian)
- Inquisition Officer - Oliver Muirhead (Austin Powers II / The Amazing Spiderman)
- Totemization Expert - Douglas Carrigan
- Lucy Flathead - Amy Jacobson (Ohh la LA!)
- Floyd, the Bouncer - John Gibb
- Voice of the Inquisition / Bickering Torch - David Landen
- Voice of the Two-Headed Hades Guard / DM Security System - Chick Venerra (Animaniacs)
- Old Inquisition Guard / Bartender - Earl Schuman
- Voice of the Griff - Manty Ingles
- Voice of the Brigmoid / Sea Captain - Earl Boen (Dr. Silberman - Terminator II)
- Voice of Marvin, the Mythical Goatfish - Roger Rose (Ski Patrol)
- Voice of Fish Lady / Shona - Diane Pershing (She-Ra)
- The Pop Rocks Warning / The Spell Checker - Leigh French (History of the World - Part 1)
- Man Trapped in the Dragon / Flickering Torch - Val Bettin (The Great Mouse Detective)
- Voice of the Invisible Bridge Guard / Doug - Donovan Freeberg

System Requirements:
Pentium 90 MHz
Win 95
4X CD ROM drive
50 MB hard drive space
High-color (16 bit) 640x480 VLB or PCI video card
Sound Blaster 16-compatible sound card


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