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Three Kingdoms Fate of the Dragon ( PC CD RTS Game ) Brand New & Factory Sealed

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This product is new and factory sealed. It will ship USPS First Class Mail within 1 business day of receiving the order. If you want Faster Shipping, International Shipping, UPS or Federal Express, (or have any questions) please contact us at Will@TragicLittlePC.Com.  We accept Paypal and all major credit cards with Google Checkout.

Set in China 1,800 years ago, this great scaled, real-time strategy game depicts one of the most famous and turbulent periods in Chinese history. Following the collapse of the empire at the end of the Han Dynasty, heated opposition divided China into three Kingdoms – Wei, Wu and Shu and the age of rivalry of warlords dawned.

As one of the three warlords, lead your kingdom in building your own regime, develop new technologies, establish strategic alliances and create a mighty army in an attempt to control the three kingdoms and reunify the nation.

Game Features
- Based on the historical background of Romance of the Three Kingdoms attributed to Luo Guanzhong.
- Establish comprehensive power through production, construction, trade, science and technology, alliances and war.
- Multiple paths of victory – military control through war and strategic development of new technologies, or political control through diplomacy and strategic alliances.
- Each Kingdom contains unique technologies, buildings and characters modeled from the actual technological, cultural and social development of time and accurately reflect the Three Kingdom culture.

System Requirements:

Minimum Specifications:
Installation of retail version of Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon
Windows 95/98/ME
Processor: Intel PII 233Mhz (or AMD Equivalent)
Memory: 32MB RAM
270 MB of Hard Drive Space
100% DirectX 7 compatible video device/card with 8MB VRAM
DirectX 7.0 installed
DX7 Compliant Sound card

Recommended System:
Processor: PII 300Mhz (or AMD Equivalent)
Memory: 64MB RAM
540 MB of Hard Drive Space
100% DirectX 7 compatible video card with 16MB VRAM
DirectX 7.0 installed
DX7 Compliant Sound card

Network Specifications:
Processor: Intel PII 300Mhz (or AMD Equivalent)
Memory: 64Mb(Minimum), 128(Highly Recommended)
100% DirectX 7 compatible video device/card with 8MB VRAM (16MB video card Highly Recommended)
DX7 Compliant Sound card

China seems to be a frequent inspiration for computer game developers. The mysterious and exotic orient, and its history reaching to the first days oh human civilization, which linger between truth and legends, as well as the politics of the region which have always been quite hostile towards the western lands, served as a background for many an adventure game, arcade, flight sim, and beat-em-up. Lara used to jump from one stone of the Great Wall to the other, J.C. Denton (Deus Ex) got to know all about the nightlife in Hong Kong (we even found out how much a hooker charges), and Chun Li (Street Fighter) defended her countries colors on a Chinese market. In spite of this multitude of games that take place in China, it is hard to find a game that would deal with the history of this country in a somewhat more serious way. Every home-made historian and geographer who got most of his knowledge from Age Of Empires' briefings or from studying the map of the Caribbean in search of some buried treasure or missing family members would probably be able to answer immediately any question concerning Alexander the Great, but is far less likely to know anything of Chinese dynasties.

Naval fleet in action.

This wall is going down.
Overmax Studios and Eidos will try to introduce us to a vivid period in the history of the imperial China through their new real-time strategy called The Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon. The game plot is based on the popular novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" (a turn-based strategy of the same name was published over half a decade ago) written by Luo Guanzhong in the fourteenth century. The novel deals with the fall of East Han Dynasty (second and third century AD), forming of the three kingdoms and their fight for supremacy.

Assuming the role of Sun Quan, Liu Bei or Cao Cao, you'll have to try to turn one of the kingdoms Wu, Shu or Wei into an empire. The gameplay is in 2D, but the programmers introduced several novelties that might place this game right next to Blizzard and Microsoft's blockbusters. In contrast to the adrenalin pumping titles of the aforementioned publishers Fate of the Dragon insists on careful planning and organizing. You will have to gather seven resources (gold, grain, meat, metal, wood, food, wine), which means you'll first have to establish stabile economy before even thinking about conquering your foes. The good AI should take care of the arduous micromanaging instead of you - it will be up to you to issue orders, but the smart little peasants will do the job to their best capabilities. Free peasants will strive to help builders, and the farmers will keep rebuilding their farms until you command otherwise.

Military units are appropriate for the time, so you'll have to combine your longbow-men with your close-range warriors. All units and structures have the becoming oriental look, yet each kingdom will have specific units, technologies and buildings. The gameplay will also introduce new features: You will have to equip your army with a certain quantity of food before they start off on their quest. Hungry soldiers are poor fighters, so you'll have to be good at predicting how long a siege may last, and create supply lines for your camps.

The authors refreshed the genre by introducing some turn-based strategy features. The entire region on which the game takes place is presented on a single map showing independent village and enemy towns. Each town has a map of its own, which will be accessible only when you enter it. Conquering towns will always begin with a siege around the fortifications, and if you don't manage to break through the gates, you can only try to tear the walls down using the stone-launching wagon (1800 year old siege engine), or try to use the "siege" ladders to enter the fort. The walls are wide enough for the combat to take place on them. Neutral villages make thing a bit more complicated, but they present a great resource for collecting taxes if you leave a couple of units to maintain stability in the region.

Overmax Studios took this job seriously and implemented all the best features from other games of this genre. We all got used to researching the tech-tree, using spells, upgrading units and watching those brilliant cut-scenes, and we won't miss any of that in the Fate of the Dragon either. The generals will influence unit performance, and the authors announced over 350 generals, heroes, and other unique characters.

Attacking the caravan.

Headless Buddhas.
The unusual aspect of this game is the fact that you will be able to win the game not only using brute force, but also by employing trade and diplomacy.

Apart from the classic campaign, you'll be able to practice your skills in some 50 skirmish missions, in order to prepare yourselves for some good multiplayer death matches. Up to eight players will be able to participate in Internet or LAN games in both cooperative and head to head modes.


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