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Pictionary Junior - Pictionary Inc 1987 **Rules Only

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Just select the rules below by left click - hold and drag, then right click selection and copy. Use your favorite word processor to paste and print. If this helps you a small donation would be nice. You can use pay button or paypal. Thank you

Pictionary Junior

Pictionary Inc. 1987


This edition of the Original Charades-on-Paper Game was specifically designed for children, ages 7-11. Pictionary Junior has 720 words that were selected and rated for their reading level by a team of elementary school educators. Just as in the adult version, clues are drawn and teammates have one minute to guess the word. Children will use color to help communicate their words, and don’t need to be artists to play this fast-paced game.


  • 2 special wipe-off drawing boards
  • 90 RED word cards (recommended for ages 10 and ll)
  • 90 BLUE words cards (recommended for ages 7, 8 and 9)
  • one-minute timer
  • 6 non-toxic crayons
  • plastic storage tray


The object of the game is to guess a word from a drawing made by your teammate. The first team to guess four words correctly is the winner.


a) Divide the players into two teams (Team A Team B). The number of players per team may be uneven if an odd number wish to play (see special instructions for three players).

b) Place the storage tray between the two teams. Remove the crayons from the box and place them in in the groove of the tray so they are in easy reach of all players. Stand the timer up so that it sits securely in the hole provided.

Separate the RED and BLUE word cards into two decks. Shuffle each deck thoroughly, and place them color side up next to the tray. Each team takes one drawing board.

c) One player spins a crayon. The team to which the crayon points will start the game. This team is designated Team A, and other Team B.


1) Team A selects one member to draw. (The person who is drawing is called the “artist.”) The artist takes the top card from one of the decks. Players age 10 and up use RED cards. Players age 7—9 use BLUE cards. The artist looks at the #1 word on the card, being careful not to let his teammates see it.

2) The timer is turned over as the artist begins to draw in the #1 space on the drawing board. Team­mates begin guessing as soon as the artist begins to draw. The artist may use as many different colored crayons in their drawings as they wish.

Note: players may not talk or give clues with body movements while drawing. No numbers or letters are permitted in drawings.

3) Drawing and guessing by Team A continue until the word is identified or time runs out. If the team guesses the word, the drawing remains in the #1 space. If the timer runs out before the word is guessed, the drawing is wiped off with a tissue. In either event, the word card is placed into the bottom of the tray, and Team A’s turn ends.

4) Team B then selects an artist and plays as described in rules 1, 2 and 3.

5) Teams A and B alternate turns, with a new artist selected for each turn.

6) When a team has correctly identified a #1 word, the new artist, on their next turn, selects a new word card and draws the #2 word in the #2 space on the drawing board.

7) Play continues until one team has identified a #1, #2, #3 and #4 word and has filled all four spaces of their drawing board. The first team to do so is declared the winner.


8) If there are only three players, the teams will con­sist of one players each. The third player will act as the artist for both teams, alternative from one person to the other.

9) Since words get harder as the game progresses (#2 words are more difficult than #1 words; #3 more than #2; etc.), we suggest that children who have difficulty reading or drawing the more advanced the more advanced words be allowed to use a lower numbered word throughout the game.

10) Children who have trouble with fine motor coordination may find the one-minute time limit too challenging. For these children, we suggest giving them an extra minute by turning the timer over again after the initial time has run out.

© 1987 Pictionary Inc. P.O. Box 19713. Seattle Washington 98109 All right reserved.


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