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Ink Refill Kit for Canon PIXMA iP3300 Printers using CLI-8 PGI-5 Cartridges

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Quick Overview

Colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
Volume: 120ml Per Bottle, 480ml Total
Contents: 4x Ink Bottles with Plastic Refilling Tips, 4x Needle Tips, 2x Gloves, 1x Refilling Instructions
Highlights: Archival Dye Ink is Smudge Proof, Scratch Proof and Fade Resistant for 80 Years
Savings: Equivalent to 40 Cartridges. Save $600 Compared to Buying New Cartridges

How it Works

UltraGamut Archival Refill Kits will save your money and eliminate your trips to buy pricey new cartridges. Most importantly, it saves the environment that we all live in by reducing waste as each cartridge thrown away takes 1000 years to decompose. Unfortunately, over 280 million cartridges are thrown away every year, adding more then 40 million pounds of unnecessary waste to the trash stream every year. Our ink refill kit is designed with convenience and simplicity in mind. Follow the simple refilling instructions to refill your continuous ink system, refillable cartridges, or original cartridges within minutes from start to finish. Best of all, photos printed with our archival ink last longer than traditional, lab-processed photos. They will even stand up to smudges, scratches, and fading. That means you can share and frame your favorite photos, or place them in an album - worry-free. Made of premium quality inks using the latest manufacturing process. No cost was spared in making these inks. No mess, no syringes, no spills! Best of all, your purchase is backed by our 1 Year Total-Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee including Five-Star Support. Simply call us toll-free at 1-888-406-1731 or international at 1-702-900-4897 with any questions

How it Works:

UltraGamut Archival Ink Refill Kits contain 120ml of ink per bottle compared to only 7ml of ink in your original cartridge and allow you to refill your empty original ink cartridges multiple times. Archival ink does what other third party inks don't. Pictures fade when they're exposed to light, air pollution, moisture, and heat. Archival ink shields your pictures from these picture-unfriendly factors so your prints will last over 80 years — even when they're displayed at home unprotected. So while other brands may only look at light fade, we take into account all the known factors that affect print life.Most companies on the internet and retail sell UNIVERSAL inks. Archival ink is printer SPECIFIC ink. The difference between universal ink and specific ink is that each printer make/model uses different color "tints" and viscosities. Some people that own multiple printers and do not print many photographs use universal ink that can effect the life of your print head and fade within months. What you get is color that stays vivid and vibrant after 80 years. But what goes into the longest-lasting archival ink? We start with our industry-acclaimed dye colorants/surfactants as the base. Then we add a proprietary humectant/fixative that controls smudging, speeds dry time, and increases ozone fade resistance.

How it's Made

The Archival Ink Refill Kit is constructed of premium quality materials and refined ink bottle design. No cost was spared in making this kit. The archival ink is developed through the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing process using the highest grade industry-acclaimed dye colorants/surfactants as the base of the ink combined with a proprietary humectant/fixative that controls smudging, speeds dry time, and increases ozone fade resistance. The ink colorants are grinded through a state-of-the-art mill to sub-micron size and further screened through a 0.2 micron filter to remove oversize particles ensuring consistent color development and clog free performance. Next, the ink is passed through a laser operated particle size analyzer which measures and records the light scattering of the ink returning a "particle size distribution chart" that profiles the size "in microns" of the colorants. Finally the color value of the ink is quantified through a spectrophotometer which returns a value compared to the established standard, ensuring maximum color gamut and color consistency. 

Top 5 Questions about UltraGamut Ink Refill Kits:

1) Will refilling my ink cartridges void my printer warranty? No it will not void your printer's warranty. Thanks to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act, a company cannot sell a product under the pretense that the consumer must purchase replacement parts, add-ons, etc., from that particular company. Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act United States Code Annotated Title 15 Commerce and Trade Chapter 50 Consumer Product Warranties 15 Section 2302.

2) Do I have to cut or modify my original cartridge in any way in order to refill it. No you do not need to modify your original cartridge in any way to refill it. All you have to do is follow the easy refilling instructions and use a thumb drill to create a filling hole.

3) What is print color gamut and why is it important? Print color gamut is the range of colors a printer/ink/paper combination can reproduce. It is an important quality factor in the overall print.

4) What is the shelf life of the ink when it is sitting in the ink bottle? The recommended maximum shelf life for best performance is 3 years which is plenty of time even if you don't use your printer very often.

5) Is archival ink water resistant? Only by using water resistant archival photo paper although archival ink is smudge proof, scratch proof, and fade resistant on all paper types.

Top 5 problems and complaints with knock-off UltraGamut Ink Refill Kits:

1) Knock-offs include poorly translated english instructions with non-specific refilling instructions and tiny pictures that don't make any sense. Archival ink refill kits include detailed easy to follow refilling instructions with large pictures and an extremely knowledgeable customer support team based in Nevada available by calling toll-free 1-888-406-1731 or by emailing

2) Knock-offs use cheap inks that have heavy water and solvent mixtures that are guaranteed to clog the print heads, fade fast, and cause irreversible damage to your printer. Archival inks are finely filtered through 0.2 micron filters. This is the same grade as the original ink that came with your printer.

3) Knock-offs had no research and development teams or testing designed to simulate usage or fade testing. Using a unique blend of additives to "fix" the dyes, archival ink scientists have engineered a significant leap in longevity and color reproduction with the introduction of our archival ink technology that locks ink molecules into the photo paper's layer, protecting your picture from fading factors.

4) Knock-offs include no money back guarantee, no warranty, no shipment insurance, and charge you 'restocking fees' to ship it back. Our archival refill kit is so robust, easy to use, and high quality that it comes with our 1 Year Total-Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Platinum Warranty

5) Knock-offs use poorly designed bottles that leak or crack during shipping or require messy syringes. Archival ink bottles are designed to be indestructible and feature foil seals under the bottle caps that aid in shipping safety, an easy-to-squeeze oval shape, dual refilling tip design with attachable needle tips for refilling original cartridges and built-in plastic tips for refilling refillable cartridges or continuous ink systems with no mess and no syringes!

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