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EarCandy Ear Candy Green Machine 12" guitar speaker

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Indiana, USA
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EarCandy's Own Green Machine 12"
$129.00 Ea shipped in the USA!
125 watts rms. 200 peak
98.8 dB / 8 or 16 ohms
2" Voice Coil
Resonance frequency 86Hz
Magnet = Massive 59Oz Ferrite with heavy copper voice coil
Ribbed Paper cone w/ 2" cloth dome
The raw frame driver and motor structure are provided by Jensen and made in Italy.
All of in house Speakers are ROHS compliant.

Large 125 watt 2 inch voice coil with a 52 Oz mag, this speaker is the combination of delicate cleans to absolutely ear bleeding volume's with super clean and clear crunch. Available in 8 or 16 ohms.

This speaker has sparkling cleans with organic clarity and depth, when playing classic or over driven tones it adapts to the British style top end that makes these tones so sought after.

This is also a great speaker for larger gauge strings hollow body Jazz or seven string guitar players. Baritone or de-tuned players will love this speaker because of its string to string clarity in deep chords, fast deep riffing or fast poppy jazz runs.

The Low end is large with a tight round surface and big definitive depth.

The mid's are medium range, not scooped or spiked, smooth and clear, right in the volume range and tone stack of the amp to make the amps mid knob very versatile as well as the volume knob on your guitar.

The Top end is full not blanketed sounding or dark. The top is versatile, if you want it dark you can Eq it down that way. No aspect of this driver is muddy or undefned.

This driver shines with both bridge and neck pickups, humbucker or single coil due to its instant response and self adapting ability. The GreenMachine excels in the 7 string field because of its low end adaptation ability. If using it for 6 string, it makes for fast tight reacting bass with just the right amount of sag when palm muting or chord muting.

As far as Modeling or closed vs open back , ported vs not ported solid state vs tube amps , american vs british tone goes:

This very flexible 125 watt driver is made to re voice what you feed into it, so patches from modeling amps will sound almost as if you were listening to them through your head phones. Tone foot prints from amps will be captured with stunning character.

They are semi flat but guitar voiced, meaning if you have a patch amp or preset with a flabby bottom end, these will emulate that as well as a tight bottom end due to a few things.

The wattage flexibility mixed with the dB rating allows this speaker to self adjust its low end to a certain degree. The Mid's and Highs work the same, this allows you to turn up the amp with the model in it or preamp with floor board modeler up without having to re Eq everything.

There is a few more things that contribute to the tonal flexibility of this speaker, the pole piece, the spyder and the voicing tolerance are all key factors in emulating a amplified preset patch or model as well as the flex technology developed by EarCandy.

For the low end description of this driver, it does what you feed it, clear clean fast, no slag or boominess. The low end is not bloated or boomy unless your patch or amp is set that way. If you are using amp and cabinet models, this is where the semi flat character of this speaker comes in, it will adapt and deliver anything from a green back (The name Green Machine has nothing to do with the "GreenBack" and is nothing like the Green back) to a fane, if you use your patches set as direct with no cabinet models, this is where the guitar voicing of this driver comes into play. This is also handy for versatility between open and closed back cabs or nstalling in a combo amp.

So either way, tubes, solid state, modeling, this driver will do it all. Instantly, out of the box you will hear the virtue of your amp and if familiar with your gear, will be able to dial these in with ease at several volume levels in many many different venues.

The mid's are glass, we had to get them this way so you guys can scoop or spike them in their richness.

The Top end is full not blanketed sounding but is also glassy so you can make it harsh for cut through leads or very swanky for Fx or wha reception. The top is versatile, if you want it real dark you can dial it down that way. If you want it bright, it can be easily made that way with the treble preset in your modeler, again, no cab tuning.

This driver shines with both bridge and neck pickups, humbucker or single coil due to its instant response and self adapting ability. So if you have your wha set to Hss Ssh this speaker will pick up on that and get real ducky with the wha or ya ya style Fx. Due to the voice coil flexibility and the cone materials, this speaker (as well as our clone) has the uncanny ability of sounding American or British. This works well for going between guitars with humbuckers or single coils with no Eq time.

These really pick up on the volume control knob dynamics on your guitar allowing you to use the dynamics of the guitar and really capture the tube warmth, the crystal cleans, the classic tones as well as all the available FX in all of the choices of FX, Guitars and amps these days, this is the speaker we needed to work extremely well with everything.

These traits are typical of all the EarCandy speakers. They are made for our cabs and designed from descriptions of what our clients wanted in a speaker line. Wattage and ohm versatility, tone versatility with a common ground. A few different price points, all quality, nothing made in china and nothing that costs a fortune. This speaker and the EarCandy speaker line are sure to deliver.

They are not cloned or adapted from any speaker, they are made for us to spec for our new speaker line, that doesn't copy anything but does almost everything. The inspiration of the speaker is from our clients who wanted everything in one easy to understand speaker line with common voicing with small but influential character changes. This speaker was named the GreenMachine because of the Green frame and the speakers ability to adapt to any condition like a machine.© The descriptions of our speakers are property of EarCandy LLC and may not be re printed or used anywhere with out expressed permission.

125 watts rms. 200 peak
98.8 dB / 8 or 16 ohms
2" Voice Coil
Resonance frequency 86Hz
Magnet = Massive 59Oz Ferrite with heavy copper voice coil
Convex Ribbed Paper cone w/ 2" cloth dome
The raw frame driver and motor structure are provided by Jensen and made in Italy.
All of in house Speakers are ROHS compliant.

The latest Email Regarding the GreenMachine Speaker:

Dear EarCandy:
Thank you so much for the new speakers. My buddy slapped them in the Traynor cabinet and wow, what a difference. I put them in the B-52 stereo cabinet I have. Total tone heaven, especially with the two Valve Junior heads. You were right on about what speaker I would like. And to think I almost got the Texas Heats!

By the way; I changed the transformers in the Juniors and that made the amp huge. Fat, round bottoms and no clipping. With the new speakers in the B-52 cabinet and the Juniors in stereo, it's Class A nirvana.

What do I do with all these Celestions? They suck next to the Green Machines. 2 Vintage 30's and 2 Seventy 80's, all 16 ohm.

You guys have been a pleasure to work with and you are now my Go-To Speaker people. I am putting a link to you on my 2 web sites in an effort to spread the word about Ear Candy Cabinets.

Rock On,


Another Email:
The Green Machine is nothing short of awesome. It “bloomed” last week and now it’s doing everything and more than I had hoped it would. With my Black Pearl head, it sounds very Voxy (exactly what I was going for) with more warmth and low end than an AC30. What has surprised me is how well it complements my Red Fang. If I didn’t like the Fang so much, I’d spring for another GM; as it is, the two are perfect for each other. Wow. And the sensitivity ratings? Well, let’s just say I’m starting the International Coalition for Uniformity of Speaker Sensitivities (I-CUSS), because the GM holds its own just fine when combined with the Red Fang.

It’s also sounding great with my George Dennis amp; I find myself actually able to use the Bright switch on the Clean channel of that amp (which sounds great) and add overdrive without the fizz that had always plagued it before. Combined with the Ragin’ Cajun that’s in that amp, it sounds great too.


Another Email about the Green Machine

Just wanted to drop you a line, and let you know that I got the speaker today, installed it, and just finished a test run. You can go ahead and
cancel the cab (Just kidding;) Oh my god Tim, I would not have believed it. I guess that the best ways for me to describe it is this, its like someone took my amp, and put it through an EQ. I never could appreciate the different nuances that my guitar had with pickup selections, strumming
light Vs hard etc. It came alive, and I absolutely love it!! My P 90s with a little overdrive are just incredible. No effects or pedals needed,
just awesome. You should be very proud to have your badge on this, its a wonderful, very musical speaker. Cant wait for the cab, and just to think
that its not even broken in yet!!
Talk to you soon,


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