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Call To Glory was intended as an ABC mini series,deplicting the turbelent 1960's as seen through the eyes of an air force family, a pre-Coach Craig T Nelson stars as Col. Raynor Sarnac and Cindy Picket as his wife Vanessa and Elisabeth Shue and Gabriel Damon with David Hollander and C Thomas Howell and the late Keenan Wynn as the Sarnac family.

The one hour and 36 minute pilot focuses on the Cuban Missile crisis of 1962. This pilot and the mini series itself were originally intended to be aired on ABC in the spring of 1984, but ABC smelled potential in the project and ordered that it be expanded into a thirteen week series. The premiere was moved up to August 13, 1984 with the pilot unveiled right after ABC'S Olympics coverage.

This is the Complete 22 episodes on 12 DVDS..Quality of Picture and Sound are 8.5/ 10


Craig T. Nelson - Col. Raynor Sarnac

Cindy Pickett - Vanessa Sarnac

Elisabeth Shue - Jackie Sarnac

David Hollander - Wesley Sarnac

Gabriel Damon - RH Sarnac

Thomas O'Brien - Patrick Thomas

David Lain Baker - Airman Tom Bonelli

Keenan Wynn - Carl Sarnac

J.D. Cannon - General Hampton

Priscilla Pointer - Lillie


1. air force [1:36] - During the darkest days of the Cuban missle

crisis, Raynor is ordered to fly over Cuba to obtain proof that the

Russians are installing nuclear warheads.

2. The Move - The entire Sarnac family is thrown into turmoil when Raynor

receives a lucrative job offer in the private sector.

3. Blackbird - Raynor faces one of his toughest missions as he tries to

prevent a bitter ex-pilot from exposing the details of a top secret


4. Paper Tiger - A dangerous top-secret mission takes Raynor over Red

China to see if the Chinese have developed an Atomic Bomb.

5. A Nation Divided - The violence spawned by the Civil Rights Movement

hits home when Wesley and a black friend are beaten by teenage


6. Go/No Go - On a mission into the heart of Saigon, Raynor bears

personal witness to the horrifying brutality of the government.

7. Call It Courage - Raynor's involvement in a bitter political

controversy could cost him a valued friendship...and ruin his

military career.

8. A Wind From the East - Forced to bail out of a crippled plane, Raynor

and a Japanese air force officer struggle to survive in a dangerous


9. A Moment In the Sun - Raynor is torn between duty and friendship when

an air force buddy suddenly develops a crippling fear of flying.

10. Cover Story - While testing a new flight system, Sarnec is hounded

by an investigative reporter probing for revelations about defense


11. Realities - Raynor and Vanessa are so involved in their friends'

marital problems, they don't notice Carl is facing a crisis of his


12. The Wake - Tension mounts in the Sarnac household as Raynor prepares

for a mission that has already claimed the life of one of his best

test pilots.

13. Medals All of Brass - Raynor is forced to face the harsh truth that

an old friend is really a spy for the KGB.

14. A Wind of Change - A flight over Vietnam turns into a journey of

terror when Raynor is shot down and captured by the North Vietnamese.

15. Give Unto Caesar - Stiff penalties await a pilot who disobeys orders

and brings a Russian defector back to America.

16. Moonchild - The news that a child is on the way puts a wedge in the

Sarnac's marriage as they both try to cope with feelings of doubt

and guilt.

17. Image - The Sarnac family faces an uncertain future when Venessa

decides she needs a break from her husband and children.

18. Fathers and Sons - Raynor finds himself on an emotional roller coaster

when he discovers the truth about Carl's illness...and about his

daughter's relationship with a new boyfriend.

19. Just In Time - While on special assignment in Vietnam, Raynor launches

a dangerous rescue mission to save a Vietnamese boy he wants to adopt.

20. Call To Glory: JFK - Raynor and his family face difficult

personal challenges in the days leading to the assassination of

President John F. Kennedy.

21. Fathers and Daughters - Jackie longs to follow in her father's

footsteps and become an air force pilot.

22. The End, The Beginning - Raynor's release from captivity and his


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