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Age of Empires Gold Edition


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Age of Empires Gold Edition
As the guiding spirit of a Stone Age tribe, follow one of these paths to build the greatest civilization on earth with Age of Empires. With over 10,000 years of real-time evolution to build your tribe into a flourish empire.

How will you rule the world?
Conquer enemy civilizations?
Discover the world's secrets?
Accumulate wealth?

Experience all the conflict, intrigue, greed, and power as you create the most feared and celebrated civilization in history with Age of Empires The Rise of Rome Expansion.

Age of Empires

Age of Empires is the epic award-winning, real-time strategy game spanning ten thousand years where players are the guiding spirit in the evolution of a small Stone Age tribe. Starting with minimal resources, players are challenged to build their tribes into great civilizations.


* Compete against opponents for the limited resources used to build and manage your civilization into a powerful empire.
* Direct a research path that leads to the economic, military, or naval technologies best used to achieve game goals.
* Build powerful armies from dozens of military units including warships, chariots, and war elephants.
* Command one of 12 ancient civilizations - from Egyptian to Greek - all with unique attributes based on their historical counterparts.
* Choose from multiple gameplay options including more than 40 present scenarios, individual campaigns, or randomly generated Games.
* Challenge a sophisticated and and adjustable artificial intelligence for endless replay value.

Age of Empires - The Rise of Rome Expansion

Created by the developers of the award-winning real-tie strategy game, Age of Empires, The Rise of Rome lets you play an active role in directing the ascension of the infamous Roman Empire. Experience all the greed, intrigue, conflict, and power as you create the most feared and celebrated civilization in history, The Roman Empire.

The Age of Empires Expansion: The Rise of Rome is the add-on to the award-winning, best-selling real-time strategy game Age of Empires. Focusing on the legendary Roman Empire, the Rise of Rome will challenge veterans and novices alike to wage war on an epic scale with four additional civilizations, several unique units, new technologies, and new campaigns, including the showcase campaign that focuses on the Rise of Rome itself. Gather your forces, a new Age is upon us.


* Herald in Four New Civilizations - An expansive world is at your feet and four new civilizations are here for you to command. Take charge of the Carthage, Palmyra, Macedonia, or Rome in huge battles of historical conquest.
* New Units on the Front Lines - Time to draw up alternative battle plans because the Rise of Rome will usher in a new era of strategy for Age players with several new units to challenge your tactical thinking. Now, you have even more options for historically correct carnage with the additions of the Armored Elephant, Camel Rider, Fire Galley, Scythe Chariot, and Slinger.
* All New Roman Architecture - Take in the glory of the Roman Empire with dozens of new buildings, including fan favorite and Roman wonder of the world - the Roman Colosseum.
* The Long March to Total Conquest - Immerse yourself in four totally new campaigns made up of over a dozen additional scenarios. Included will be the showcase campaign that focuses on the Rise of Rome - togas not required.
* Expanded Technologies - Dazzle your opponents with four new researchable technologies such as Logistics, Martyrdom, Medicine, and Tower Shield.
* Gigantic Maps to Explore - To make gamplay even more challenging and competitive, a larger map size has been added to the existing maps. In addition, several new map types will be available, including mountainous highlands, a large island, the Mediterranean and a peninsula for a diversity of play.
* Epic Music and Sounds - Several new CD-quality musical tracks and sounds will be included, adding to the heroic flavor and enriching the gaming experience.
* Internet Play for up to eight players via the Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone, over a LAN or modem to modem.

System Requirements:

* Multimedia PC with Pentium 90MHz or higher processor (Pentium 120 required for gigantic maps)
* Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me operating or Windows NT Workstation operating system version 4.0 with Service Pack 3. This program will also work with windows XP
* 16MB of RAM for Windows 95/98/Me
* 24MB of RAM for Windows NT
* 235MB of available hard-disk space for a typical install
* 50MB of available hard disk space for swap file
* Double-speed CD-ROM drive for gameplay; Quad speed CD-ROM drive for videos
* Local Bus Super VGA video display (with 1MB VRAM)
* Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
* DirectSound 5.0 AP-compatible sound card with speakers or headphones for audio
* 28.8 Kbps modem for head-to-head play
* Internet access required for Internet play
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