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7 Inch Touch Screen GPS Navigator

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Meet the King of GPS Navigators! This 7 inch touchscreen beauty effortlessly handles all the hottest GPS software packages, comes with FM transmitter and Bluetooth functionality, and features hi-def screen resolution. Welcome to the future of navigation and multimedia on the go!

What type of GPS software and maps can I run with this unit? Good question. The CVMF-CS34 runs nearly all the popular ones! How? Because it utilizes the WIN CE 5.0 operating system. That's your guarantee for compatibility with today's hottest GPS software titles and maps. Whether you're buying or downloading, just do a quick check to make sure your GPS files are meant for WIN CE 5.0. Most are. Once the software is loaded into the navigator, you've got access to cutting edge navigation features like:

* Lane Assist
* Voice Guidance
* 3-D Views
* Intelligent Route Planning
* Points Of Interest (POI)
* Real Time Traffic Data
* Real Time Weather Data
* User Contributed Map Update
* Map Share
* Emergency Location Response

I want more! You've got it! The CS34 isn't just an amazing GPS device - it literally transforms your car into an office on wheels! How? Among the many advanced features this device contains are Bluetooth and FM Transmitter functionality. Bluetooth allows you to pair your cellphone with this GPS device. The FM transmitter allows you to output audio from this navigator to your car speakers! How is this useful? You're in the market for a GPS device to make your driving experience easier. Why not get one that can also make your driving experience safer? Picture this: You're in the car, a call comes through. A quick tap on the CS34's touchscreen and you're talking with your boss with both hands on the wheel. Whatever you say gets picked up by the unit's powerful and sensitive built-in microphone. Whatever your boss says gets broadcast through your car speakers.

Saving the best for last If the CVMF-CS34 was just an outstanding 7 inch GPS navigator it wouldn't be a Paradise Electronics product would it? So hold onto your seats everybody, this GPS navigator features a 7 inch touchscreen with high definition 800 x 480 screen resolution. That's almost double the screen pixels of other GPS handhelds. The benefit to you is that not only do maps display better, but coupled with the CS34's remarkable multimedia player, you've got an incredible entertainment machine on your hands. Imagine this. You're in the parking lot of the shopping mall, waiting for your wife to finish maxing out your credit card.

a) You could walk back into the crowded mall and help her pick out outfits
b) You could shop for some overpriced trousers for yourself
c) You could watch Neo save all humanity in The Matrix on your HD GPS navigator!

Naturally, you choose c) and roll down the windows. You put your feet up and with a few simple taps of the touchscreen, you're happily enjoying your treasure trove of movies and TV shows. And hours turn into minutes. This is what your life could be like if you owned the CVMF-CS34.

This 7 inch touchscreen GPS navigator with FM transmitter and Bluetooth is perfect for: family road trips, soccer moms waiting for the kids, car pool commuters, salesmen who spend a lot of time on the road, etc. So whether you're looking for improved driving satisfaction, add to cart, don't delay - and the good life could be yours right away. (We ship next day!). This man-sized GPS navigator and other innovative devices are brought to you by the leaders in online electronics - Paradise Electronics!

At a Glance...

* 7 inch display!
* 800 x 480 screen resolution
* Free 2GB SD Card
* Runs most GPS software and maps
* Handles most popular video and audio formats
* Convenient AV IN port
* eBook reader
* Great price

Manufacturer Specifications

* Primary Function: 7 inch high definition touchscreen GPS and multimedia unit
* Display Information:
- 7 Inch TFT Touch Screen
- 800 x 480 Pixel Screen Resolution
* Main System Information:
- Chip Type: SAMSUNG S3C2451X
- Frequency: 400MHz
- Internal Flash Memory: 128 MB
- External Memory (SD card support): up to 4GB (free 2GB SD card included)
- Operating System: Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 (compatible with all major GPS software packages)
* GPS Information:
- Receiver Module: SiRF Star III
- Frequency: 1.57542GHZ
- C/A Code: 1.023 MHZ chip rate
- Signal Channels: 48
- Tracking Sensitivity: -161dBm
- Position Sensitivity: 10m, 2D RMS; 2m, 2D RMS, WAAS enable
- Speed Rate: 0.1m/s
- Data Update Rate: 1Hz
- Recapture Time: 0.1s on Average
- Hot Startup Time: Less than 2s
- Warm Startup Time: 32s on Average
- Cold Startup Time: Less than 35s
- Maximum Position Altitude: 18,000 m
- Maximum Speed Rate: 515m/s
- Built-in Antenna Type: Built-in active ceramic antenna
- Built-in Antenna Voltage: 3.3V +/- 5%
- Built-in Antenna Current: 15mA
- Interface: Touch Screen
- GUI Interface: YES - 3D type
- Maps: via SD card
- Voice: YES
* Bluetooth Information:
- Pair with phone - then use touchscreen interface
- Dial call
- Answer call
- Volume control
- Touchscreen keypad
* Battery Information:
- Rechargeable Built-in Lithium Ion (LI-ION)
- 1600 mAh
- Normal Use: 3-4 hours
- Standby Mode: 150 hours
* On Board Buttons:
- ON / OFF
- Menu
- Hold
* On Board Slots:
- SD Card
- Mini-USB
- Power
- 3.5 mm (headphones)
- Built-in MIC
- Pen Stylus
* Menu Features:
- Navigation
- Music
- Video
- EBook
- Photo
- Bluetooth
- Setting
* File Formats Supported:
- Video: True MP4 (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC), AVI (XVID Codec)
- Music: MP3, WMA, WAV
- Photos: JPEG
- EBook: TXT
* OSD Menu Languages:
- English, German, French, Spanish, Norweigian, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Russian, Polish, Turkish (Note: Actual GPS voice and display languages depends on your GPS software package)
* Power Source: Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (LI-ION)
* Certifications: CE, FCC
* Dimensions: 185 mm x 120 mm x 22 mm (L x W x H)
* Manufacturer Ref: DXG0SDXV74U1

Product Notes:

* 800 x 480 screen resolution for movies and tv shows that come out clearer, crisper, and brighter!
* Loading files into the unit's internal memory is achieved through USB and Microsoft Activesync. Activesync is available through Microsoft directly.
* Owning the CVMF-CS34 is like having a movie theatre in your car. The 7 inch screen is the same size as 2-DIN (100 mm high) car DVD player screens.
* With its 7 inch high definition screen and AV IN jack, you can easily output a DVD player or game system to this GPS device. Better yet, connect your rearview camera to the AV IN jack. Once the AV cables are in, the screen automatically displays the video image. No buttons to press!
* Viable car DVD player alternative in that it has GPS, multimedia functionality, and Bluetooth.
* This model is compatible with most brands of GPS software - however hardware specific software such as Garmin may not run on this unit. As the retailer, Paradise Electronics provides the GPS- enabled hardware only, not the software. Paradise Electronics provides no warranty or customer support regarding GPS software. Paradise Electronics cannot provide downloads / links / advice regarding GPS software. Any software installation you undertake should be performed or supervised by a professional.
* If you plan to resell this item in your own country, the most common category names for this product are - Συσκευές GPS, GPS гаджеты, Elektronika GPS Modulok, Modul GPS, Navigazione GPS, La navigation GPS, Navegación GPS, Navegação GPS, Πλοήγηση GPS, GPS навигация, GPS navigacije, GPS navigacija, GPS navigáció

Package Contents for CVMF-CS34

* 7 Inch High Definition Touchscreen GPS Navigator with Bluetooth and FM transmitter
* Free 2GB SD Card
* Pen Stylus
* Earbuds
* USB Cable
* AV Cables
* Power Adapter
* Car Charger
* Car Mounting Kit
* User Manual - English

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

* How much do I have to pay monthly to use GPS?
You don't have to pay to use GPS. The satellites which transmit GPS coordinates are maintained by the US government. You just need a GPS receiver to take advantage of the data. The Media Star - 4.3 Inch Touchscreen GPS Navigator w/ Media Player contains a top of the line GPS receiver.
* Where can I download free GPS software and maps? Use your favorite bit torrent search engine to find GPS software and maps. Or use google. Try "[insert name of GPS software manufacturer here], rapidshare, megaupload".
* Once I have the GPS software and maps, how do I install it into this device?
Copy the software and maps onto an SD card. Insert it into the SD card slot. From the main menu go to SETTINGS. The first thing you will see are the settings for the GPS path. The GPS path is where the device looks for the GPS software. Click on the browse button (magnifying glass) and it will allow you to browse your SD card. Look for a file that looks like this: nameofGPSsoftwaremaker.exe where the first part of the file before the dot is the name of the software maker, and the part after the dot signifies that it is an executable file.


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* Before you read the small print: Importing is a breeze in most countries! You may have to pay your own country’s VAT (i.e. Sales Tax) and sometimes variable Import Duty when the items arrive, but in the vast majority of cases packets / cartons delivered from US or China by courier arrive safely with no problems at all! * Read the item description carefully! We will ship you whatever you order. Although we do assist you by manually checking all orders to screen possible region / compatibility inconsistencies, we do not accept returns of healthy products which were simply mis-ordered by you. If you are in an NTSC video color region, don’t order PAL products for your market. Check if your country’s networks will match the GSM frequency bands of Cell Phones you are ordering. Check if your locality has free DVB-T broadcasts before buying DVB-T digital TV receivers. If the driver’s seat is on the left, don’t order left side passenger sun visor Car DVD Monitors! Duh! * Additionally, there are some (cool) types of gadgets including for example (but not limited to) radio signal jammers, high powered lasers, and could-be-considered-medical products like e-cigarettes, that are not legal (booo!) to import into certain countries. As the buyer / importer it is entirely your responsibility to find out in advance of placing your order whether your ordered items are subject to import restrictions. Paradise Electronics will ship you whatever you order, so we do not accept liability in the case of failed delivery of goods, where they have failed to clear your country’s local Customs – either in cases where the goods are turned back, or in cases where the goods are seized. In addition Paradise Electronics is not responsible for informing you of possible import restriction issues before or after purchase. * We will not be responsible for any damage that may be caused on your computer, console, or other hardware / software during / related to installation of any of our products. We not be liable for any damage or personal loss due to incorrect installation of our products. * Delivery time: If there is a possible delay due to the warehouse being out of stock, we’ll contact you by email to discuss back order, refund, changing products, or other options. Larger orders that exceed our stock may take up to 1 week longer to send out, as we have to order from the factory. In such cases we will contact you about any delay. In certain cases, e.g. the first time you try to ship to a different address than your own, we have to complete a verification check with you before processing your order, which can add 1-3 days to the processing time. Most orders are shipped 1-3 days after order is completed.

Return Policy

1. All our products come with a 12 month warranty.

1. Fewer than 1% of all Paradise Electronics shipped products are subject to any warranty or quality issue.

1. In the unlikely event there is a quality defect that causes the device to be unacceptable for sale or unusable during the 12 months after dispatch from our warehouse, we will accept a return. When we receive the goods back in US or China warehouse we will either repair the item, or offer full credit towards ordering a replacement.

1. If you experience any problem with a product bought from Paradise Electronics, contact us first and we will do our best to advise you. Any returns must be discussed with Paradise Electronics Customer Support in advance, and authorized so they are sent with the correct paperwork.

1. In the event of any returned goods where you are requesting a repair / credit under warranty, your shipping costs returning the products to the Paradise Electronics warehouse in US or China are payable by you, and cannot be compensated by Paradise Electronics.

1. Physical damage to a pro

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