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Beatle Saucer Outpost Of Pellucidar
by stendek
I actually saw the elusive thunderbird photograph! I, like most, surmised that since it was published in a national magazine it would not be difficult to locate. WRONG! My long-term memory is somewhat faulty but I have two tidbits which may assist thunderbird photo seekers. The comic book I purchased was either an X-Men #30 or #31 published by Marvel Comics. That provides a viable time frame. I seem to recall that the photo was in a western type publication with the words Gold Rush somewhere on cover. That is all I can remember. Thunderbird was nailed to side of structure (barn?) with several individuals standing around. Hope that is enough information to help someone locate the blasted thing! Oh, it was a pterodactyl. Some know-it-all remembers it being a big bird. NOPE! The thing was a pterodactyl. Authentic? Who knows? Who really cares? Those who viewed it just want it to surface one more time. Every purchase is appreciated and needed! Please keep watching!
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