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Virginia, USA
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►►► The store will be closed for business 20-28 December 2014. All orders placed during that time will be shipped the week of 29 December 2014. From our family to yours, we hope you have a wonderful, and safe, holiday season!

►►► Prices on many of our Apple IIc computers have been lowered due to over-stock. Now's a good time to get that IIc you've been eyeing!

♥ Located in beautiful Charlottesville VA, I buy, refurbish & restore, and resell vintage Apple II computer systems & their peripherals. If you know me from my eBay sales, you know the quality of my work & my personal integrity!

Apple II+, IIe, IIc, IIGS, Applied Engineering, Replacement Parts, Beagle Bros software, Games, Utilities, SCSI Drives, 5.25 & 3.5 Floppy Disk Drives, Monitors, Books, Programming Languages (LOGO, Pascal, CP/M, Applesoft BASIC), Batteries, Keyboards & Replacement Parts - we carry it all! Check in often as stock is very dynamic!
August 15, 2009
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SUPER BOULDER DASH by Electronic Arts game for Apple II+ IIe IIc IIGS Franklin Laser
SOLD!!! ARCHON by Electronic Arts game for Apple II+ IIe IIc IIGS Franklin Laser
SEVEN CITIES OF GOLD by Electronic Arts - game for Apple II+ IIe IIc IIGS Franklin Laser
ADVENTURE CONSTRUCTION SET by Electronic Arts - game for Apple II+ IIe IIc IIGS Franklin Laser
SOLD OUT - AGE OF ADVENTURE By Electronic Arts - game for the Apple II+ IIe IIc IIGS Franklin Laser
ALREADY SOLD!!! ARCHON - original game disk for the Apple II+ IIe IIc IIGS Franklin Laser
SOLD!!! Archon II: Adept - game for Apple II+ IIe IIc IIGS - Original Disk!
Videx Ultraterm 80 Column Video Interface for the Apple ][+ IIe
Spies Labatory SuperMX Parallel Interface Card for the Apple ][+, IIe and IIGS
SOLD!!! Apple ][+ IIe Game Port Adapter Cable - 16-pin Block Connector to DB-9 pin Connector
SOLD! Thunderware Thunderclock Plus Date/Time Card for the Apple ][, ][+ and IIe
SOLD OUT - Apple II+ IIe Serial Mouse with Interface Card - Outstanding Condition!
Apple IIc ROM 4 System in Excellent Condition + DOS 3.3 + ProDOS + AC Adapter!
SOLD OUT - Apple 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive - Excellent Condition, Cleaned & Tested!
Apple IIc ROM 3 Upgrade Kit
Apple IIc ROM 3 with No SLot Clock, Apple DOS 3.3 and Copy II Plus!
Hollywood Hardware APB-102 Ultra ROM Board/Editor for Apple II+ & IIe
ALREADY SOLD! Hollister Microsystems HMS3264 EPROM Programmer for Apple II, IIe, IIGS
FTDi USB-COM232-PLUS1 - DB-9 Serial to USB Converter for Apple IIe, IIc, IIGS - Ideal for ADTPro!
Street Electronics ECHO II Speech Synthesizer Sound Card for the Apple IIe
NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Apparat PROM Blaster for the Apple II IIe - EPROM Programmer
Apple IIc Monitor & Stand - Excellent Condition - Cleaned & Thoroughly Tested!
Apple IIc - Refinished, Cleaned & Tested - Includes DOS 3.3 & Utilities Disks!
BRAND NEW: No-Slot Clock for the Apple IIe & Apple IIc - Add Date/Time Functions Under ProDOS!!!
Apple SuperSerial Card Cable Connector NEW
SMT PrinTech II Parallel Printer Interface for the Apple II+ IIe IIGS
Writer's Choice Elite Word Processor for the Apple IIGS - Complete in Box!
Seven Hills Software Graphic Writer III Version 2.0 Upgrade
Disk Access for the Apple IIGS from Seven Hills Software - NDA
Super Menu Pack from Seven Hills Software - CDEV for the Apple IIGS
Seven Hills Software Graphic Writer III for the Apple IIGS - Software Only
Seven Hills Software's Graphic Writer III for the Apple IIGS
Sam's Apple II Plus / IIe Troubleshooting & Repair Guide
Apple Programmer's Aid #1: Installation & Operating Manual Excellent Condition!
Compute's First Book of Apple - Applesoft BASIC Programs
Applied Engineering RAMWorks II User's Manual Vers 2.0 - Excellent Condition!
ALREADY SOLD! Beneath Apple ProDOS + Apple ProDOS User's Disk
Apple IIc Internal Power Supply Unit - Tested!
SOLD OUT! CH Joystick for Apple IIe IIc IIGS Franklin ACE & Laser 128 Systems
SAMS Enhancing Your Apple II & IIe Volume 2 by Don Lancaster - Very Good Condition
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