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Kapena Kuke Puke
by KapenaKuke ( 12 )
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THE HAWAIIAN JOURNAL OF HISTORY Volume 41-2007 Linda K. Menton, editor ISBN: 094504819X 1st/1st
The Pacific Century: America and Asia in a Changing World by Frank Gibney ISBN: 0684193493 1st/1st
Ancient Sites of Maui, Molokai and Lanai by Van James ISBN: 1566475295 1st/1st HAWAII
Streetcar Days in Honolulu by Mackinnon Simpson & John Brizdle ISBN: 0970621388 1st/1st
Discover Hawai'i's Soaring Seabirds by Katherine Shelley Orr ISBN: 0896102467 1st/1st
The Japanese in Hawaii: Okage Sama De by Hazama & Kemeiji ISBN: 1573062863 SIGNED
Pearl Harbor: Fact and Reference Book by Terence McComas: ISBN: 1566473292 1st/3rd
Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel... by Rush Limbaugh ISBN: 1476755868 1st/1st
The Mayflower Pilgrims: Roots of Puritan...Heritage by David Beale ISBN: 188989351X 1st/1st
American Heritage: A Reader by The Hillsdale College History Faculty ISBN: 0916308286 1st/1st
The Lives of the Kings and Queens of England by Antonia Fraser ISBN: 0520204093 1st/1st REVISED
A Concise History of the Hawaiian Islands by Dr. Phil Barnes ISBN: 0912180560 1st/10th
COMPOSITION OF HAWAII FRUITS (Bulletin 135) by Nao S. Wenkam & Carey D. Miller 1st/1st
Collectors Guide and Catalogue of World Paper Money by John Aiello
Return to Vrevskaya by Andrew Scott SIGNED 1st/1st
A Rocky Mountain Christmas by John H. Monnett ISBN: 0871087243 1st
Hawaii Goes to War: Life in Hawaii from Pearl Harbor to Peace by Desoto Brown ISBN: 0915013118
Long Day's Journey Into War: Pearl Harbor...December 7, 1941 by Stanley Weintraub ISBN: 1585742554
Hawaiian Stamps by Emmett Cahill ISBN: 0916630641 REVISED 2nd EDITION SIGNED
Hawaiian Stamps by Emmett Cahill ISBN: 0916630641 1st/1st
Soundings by Anita Brookner ISBN: 1860463886 ESSAYS ART HISTORY 1st
Inside the White House: America's Most Famous Home the First 200 Years by B Caroli ISBN: 1558598189
A History of the Roman World 753 to 146 BC by H.H. Scullard ISBN: 0415059151
Letters From a War Hero by Renee Linnell ISBN: 0595343252 1st/1st SIGNED
The Hatoyama Dynasty: Japanese Political Leadership... by Mayumi Itoh ISBN: 1403963312 1st/1st
The Power of Total Perspective by R. E. McMaster, Jr ISBN: 0964355205 1st/1st POLITICAL HISTORY
SOLD Seasoned By Salt: A Historical Album of the Outer Banks-Rodney Barfield ISBN: 080784537X 1st On Hold
A History of English in Its Own Words by Craig M. Carver ISBN: 0062700138 1st/1st
Sri Lanka in the Modern Age: A History... by Nira Wickramasinghe ISBN: 0824830164 1st/1st
The U.S. Constitution: A Reader Hillsdale College Politics Faculty ISBN: 0916308367 1st/1st
War and Decision: Inside the Pentagon...Terrorism by Douglas J. Feith ISBN: 0060899735 1st/1st
Swords, Oaths, And Prophetic Visions: ...Warrior Rule in Medieval Japan by Oyler ISBN: 0824829220
History and Form: Selected Essays by E. San Juan ISBN: 9715502040 1st/1st PHILIPPINE HISTORY
Illustrated History of French Cuisine: From Charlemagne to Charles de Gaulle / Christian Guy 1st/1st
SOLD Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Stephen Kinzer ISBN: 0805078614 1st/1st On Hold
Submarines of the World: 300 of the world's greatest submarines by Robert Jackson ISBN: 1840133147
Reading the Past: Ancient Writing From Cuneiform to the Alphabet JT Hooker, intro ISBN: 076070726X
SOLD The Willard Hotel: An Illustrated History by Richard Wallace ISBN: 0933165056 1st/1st HISTORY On Hold
Conceived in Liberty Volume 2: "Salutary Neglect" by Murray Newton Rothbard ISBN: 08700316X
Conceived in Liberty: A New Land, a New People: American Colonies-Murray Rothbard ISBN: 0870002627
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