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Kapena Kuke Puke
by KapenaKuke ( 12 )
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA <-map this location
about me:  
E komo mai Kapena Kuke Puke
(Welcome to Captain Cook Books)
Home of Gently Used and Rare Books.
September 11, 2008
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The Puka Guide: Oahu's Hole-in-the-Wall Restaurants by Dela Cruz ISBN: 0970578776 1st/2nd
Landmark Hawaii by Douglas Peebles ISBN: 0935180532 1st/1st
Common Threads...Tribulation into Triumph by Michelle Candland ISBN: 0977079600 1st/1st
Beans & Rice (Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Library) by Joanne Weir ISBN: 0783502796
Geological field guide, Kilauea Volcano by Richard W Hazlett ISBN: 0940295121 REVISED/1st
Ancient Chamorro Society: Activity Book by Lawrence J. Cunningham ISBN: 1880188074 1st/1st
101 Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies by Gwen W. Steege ISBN: 1580173128 1st/1st
Chinese Cuisine: Wei-Chuans Cookbook by Huang Su Huei ISBN: 0941676080 1st/1st
Ka Po'e Kahiko O Wai'anae: Oral Histories of the Wai'anae Coast ISBN: 0914916653 1st/1st
E Hele Mai 'Ai: Come and Eat 2014 by Hawaiian Electric Stacy Hsiung, editor NO ISBN 1st/1st
The Guns of Eden: A Novel of Hawaii When the White Man Came by Ed Sheehan ISBN: 091491698X 1st/1st
The Wave by Tom Miller ISBN:1890932388 1st/1st
Neal Tofu Luvs Teedah Tuna by Miss Akiko ISBN: 0962984221 1st/1st
Ho'onohonoho: Traditional Ways of Cultural Management by Malcolm Naea Chun ISBN: 1583510508 1st
Yobo: Korean American Writing in Hawai'i Nora Keller, editor ISBN: 0910043655 1st/1st
Ka Po'e Kahiko O Wai'anae: Oral Histories of the Wai'anae Coast of O'ahu ISBN: 0914916653 1st/1s
The Conscientious Marine Aquarist by Robert M. Fenner ISBN: 1890087025 1st REVISED EDITION
An Introduction to Language by Victoria Fromkin et al ISBN: 015508481x 7th EDITION
The Lives of the Kings and Queens of England by Antonia Fraser ISBN: 0520204093 1st/1st REVISED
SOLD Aha! Insight by Martin Gardner ISBN: 071671017X 1st/17th IMPOSSIBLE MATH PROBLEMS On Hold
Leadership by Rudolph W. Giuliani ISBN: 0786868414 1st/1st
Justin Wilson's Homegrown Louisiana Cookin' by Justin Wilson ISBN: 0026301253 1st/5th
Beyond the Ashes: Cases... from the Holocaust by Rabbi Yonassan Gershom ISBN: 0876042930 1st/2nd
Aha! Gotcha: Paradoxes to Puzzle and Delight by Martin Gardner ISBN: 0716713616 1st/21st
What's Your Excuse: Wild, Wonderful & Wacky Excuses for any(thing) ... ISBN: 1555215465 1st/1st
Polynesian Canoes and Navigation by Jud Thompson and Alan Taylor NO ISBN 1st/1st
MasterCook Apetizers & Aperitifs by MasterCook NO ISBN: 1st/1st
North Shore Chronicles: Big-Wave Surfing in Hawaii by Bruce Jenkins ISBN: 1883319900 2nd/1st
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park by Dwight L. Hamilton
A Concise History of the Hawaiian Islands by Dr. Phil Barnes ISBN: 0912180560 1st/10th
COMPOSITION OF HAWAII FRUITS (Bulletin 135) by Nao S. Wenkam & Carey D. Miller 1st/1st
Pritchett: A Collection of Hawaii Political Cartoons by John S Pritchett 1st/1st
My Hawai'i Story Project 2009 An Anthology by Middle School Students of Hawaii NO ISBN: 1st/1st
Dateline Tanonaka: From Island Life to the New Suzie Wong by Dalton Tanonaka ISBN: 0896104974 1st
Tanonaka in Tokyo II: Contemporary...Japanese Dalton Tanonaka ISBN: 0896104990 1st/1st
Tanonaka in Tokyo: A Whimsical Look at Life and Love in Japan by Dalton Tanonaka 1st/1st
Ancient Chamorro Society by Lawrence J. Cunningham ISBN: 1880188058 1st/1st
Nihon Shoku: Our Family's Favorite by Placer Buddhist Women's Ass 1st/3rd
The Miracle of Fasting: Proven...Rejuvenation by Paul C. & Patricia Bragg ISBN: 0877900353 REVISED
Kahala Recipe Book by The Christmas Committee, Liberty House Kahala, Hawaii
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