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Florence, Arizona, USA <-map this location
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WE ARE the ORIGINAL Horsebooks4u, we are NOT in the UK nor are we affiliated with them. We have been in business since 1995 so Trust the ONE and Only Horsebooks4u. We are still the largest source of Out Of Print ARABIAN publications. Some date back to the 1940's. Don't be fooled - come to the Real Horsebooks4u. Thanks
July 30, 2006
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Arabian Horse Times 6/98 BEY EL BAY, Al Shaqab Stud, EGYPTIAN, Polish Prestige Sale (rs)
Arabian Horse Times 5/96 THE MINSTRIL, Scottsdale (rs)
Arabian Horse Times 4/91 Fame VF, Australia's Mulawa Arabians (rs)
Arabian Horse Times 10/89 Nabiel, Egyptian/ Pyramid, BALAJKAR BEY V, (rs)
Arabian Horse Times 3/86 CRABBET Issue, *ABDULLAHHH, Rutland Stud (rs)
Arabian Horse Times 9/84 Adam's Arabians, Colonial Wood (rs)
Arabian Horse Times 6/85 (rs)
Arabian Horse Times 9/85, Top Contender, National Champion Mares, *Elaborat (rs)
Arabian Horse News 12/74 Gainey Fountainhead, National Champion Stallions (rs)
Arabians Horse Magazine 9/85 CRABBET, Ferzon, Rodania, Looking Back 1906 & 1954 (rs) On Hold
2013 EGYPTIAN Stallion Guide, BOTSWANA, Egyptian Stallion Profiles
Arabian Horse OM EL SHAHMAAN, Stallion Color Spot Ad
Named Arabian horse Stallion BARZAN AL SHAHANIA Postcard
Arabian Horse World 9/86 Ansata Ibn Sudan, *Hal Gazal, MARE issue Supreme (rs)LAST COPY
Arabian Horse STAR PHYRE ~ f/1978, Stallion Color Spot Advertisement Card
Arabian Horse PSTRATEGY f/2004, Stallion Color Advertisement Card
Named Arabian Horse Stallion Card "EF KINGSTON" f./1999 Halter & Endurance Champion
Named Arabian Horse KHASH PGA f/2007, Stallion Color Advertisement
Arabian Horse JJ BELLAGIO, Stallion Color Advertisement Card
Arabian Horse BASKE AFIRE ~ f/1999, Stallion Color Ad Card
ARABIAN HORSE WORLD 3/80 POLISH - Awesome Issue (rn) On Hold
Arabian Horse World 10/79 *Bask Sons Part 1, Freda 20 (rn) On Hold
Arabian Horse World 8/79, Gamaar, Anglo-Arabians (rn) On Hold
Arabian Horse World 3/78, FADL, Mahroussa, *Roda, Polish Babson (rs)
Arabian Horse World 9/78 Lowe Arabians, Chau Bask, Arab Costume, Egyptian (rn) On Hold
Arabian Horse World 8/78 SYNBAD+, Kaborr (rn) On Hold
Arabian Horse World 4/78, Black Stallion, Rafflingle Mica (rn) On Hold
Arabian Horse World 11/78, SAKI, *Sabellina, *Ramses Fayek (rn) On Hold
Arabian Horse Journal 2/78 Sires of Significance - Skowronek - Ferzon, Racing (rn) On Hold
Arabian Horse World 5/84, NAZEER, Super Egyptian Issue (rn) On Hold
Arabian Horse World 5/94 ~ Egyptian Issue, ALI JAMAAL
Arabians Horse World 12/90 EGYPTIAN ISSUE, Desperado (rn) On Hold
Arabian Horse World 1/82 Stallion Guides Books 1 & 2, *Czeremosz, *Marsianin
Arabian Horse World 2/85 Synbad, Gamaar, Al-Marah Radames, Perlezon (rn) On Hold
Arabian Horse World 7/81, Kellogg, Ben Hur, RB Field, Golden Agers (rn) On Hold
Arabian Horse World 3/71, Arabian Horses of Bahrain Part II (rn) On Hold
Arabian Horse Times 5/83 IVANHOE TSULTAN, King's Genius NSH Saddlebred (rn) On Hold
Arabian Horse Times 1/84 Blue Spruce Tanzeer, Wayne Newton, Spanish (rs)
Arabian Horse Times 6/82 *PERKAL, Mares & Stallions @ BAYWOOD PARK Russian Depot (rn) On Hold
Arabian Horse World 11/89 Rafter G Arabians, Nodoroma, Dunromin'(rs)
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